General project On classes of stochastic (partial) differential equations and their reflection problems Yang Xue
General project Research on Constraint Qualifications and Smoothing Function Methods for Bilevel Programs Xu Mengwei
General project Turnpike Properties of Optimal Control Problems for Multi-link Flexible Systems Han Zhongjie
General project The study of K3 surfaces and related problems Yu Xun
General project Research on several domination problems in higher Teichmüller theory Dai Song
General project Long time behaviour of solutions to the energy subcritical wave equations Sen Ruipeng
General project Asymptotic analysis of path-dependent McKean-Vlasov stochastic differential equations Bao Jianhai
General project Operator splitting methods for several coefficient identification problems of partial differential equations Tian Wenyi
General project Zero-sum theory in finite abelian groups Gao Weidong
General project Two curvature-based regularization methods and their applications in image processing Duan Yuping
General project Intelligent Decisions for Edge Offloading in the Internet of Things Environment Wu Huaming
General project Literature understanding-driven meta learning Wu Ou
National Youth Fund Project Stable vector bundles and cone spherical metrics on compact Riemann surfaces Song Jijian
National Youth Fund Project The commutator estimates in harmonic analysis Li Kangwei
National Youth Fund Project Mathematical modeling of cell type evolution in gene expression Liang Cong
National Youth Fund Project Research on the efficient finite element methods for steady states of rotating dipolar Bose-Einstein Condensates Xie Manting
Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Project Harmonic analysis and geometric function theory Jiang Renjin
General project Stability results for Hamilton cycles and long cycles in graphs Miao Xinhe
General project The relationship between controllable regions and potentials for the heat    equation in the whole space Wang Gengsheng 
State funded cooperative projects Curvature flows of hypersurfaces and Lagrangian submanifolds Dai Song
State funded cooperative projects Limit theorems for branching random walks Fan Xiequan
State funded cooperative projects Optimal consumption, investment and insurance/retirement under dependent    mortality Zhao Hui
Other departments  The entire correlation analysis and empirical study of complex    networks based on the random graph model Chen Yongchuan
National    Youth Fund Project Research on the spectral radii of the tensors associated with hypergraphs Lin Dan
State funded cooperative projects closed geodesics on a two dimensional Riemann and Finsler sphere Zhu Fei
General projects of national fund Invariant-set bifurcation theory of nonlinear evolution equations and its    applications Li Huaiqian
National Youth Fund Project Boundary value problems for fully nonlinear elliptic equations arising    from conformal geometry Dong Weisong
National Youth Fund Project Research on sticky skew diffusion processes and their applications Song Shiyu
General projects of national fund Research on Theories and Methods of Insurer's Investment and Reinsurance    based on Correlativity Rong Ximin
State funded cooperative projects Qualitative study on solutions of several second order differential    equations Zhang Yuxiang
Key projects of state fund Theory of moduli spaces and applications Sun Xiaotao
General projects of national fund Circle, sieve and Linnik dispersion methods in addtive problems of prime    numbers Liu Zhixin
General projects of national fund Theory and Algorithms of Tensor Variational Inequalities Huang Zhenghai
General projects of national fund Research on Semidefinite Relaxation methods in Tensor Computation Zhang Xinzhen
General project Combinatorial methods in symmetric functions Chen Yongchuan
Key project Ergodicity and related properties of stochastic partial differential    equations Wang Gengsheng 
Major research projects of national fund The production and spreading of turbulence at the laminar-turbulent    interface in incompressible wall-bounded shear flows Song Baofang
General project Systematic analysis and prediction algorithm for the functions of    intrinsically disordered regions Peng Zhenling
special fund project Tianyuan advanced seminar on the moduli spaces in algebraic geometry Zeng Honggang
Youth Project Delay-Constrained Hybrid Task Offloading in Joint Cloud and Fog Computing    Environments Wu Huaming
Youth Project Research on related problems of Eichler integrals and coefficients of    modular forms Ma Wenjun
Youth Project Distribution Dependent SDEs/SFDEs with Singular Coefficients Huang Xing
Youth Project Heat kernel estimates for singular non-local Dirichlet forms on metric    measure spaces Hou Qinghu
Youth Project Partial null controllability for some evolution systems Zhang Yubiao
Youth Project Research on the Traveling Wave Solutions involving the Fractional    Laplacian Zhao Mingfeng
Youth Project On the Combinatorics of Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials for Coxeter Groups Guo Fei
State funded cooperative projects Studies on mathematical general relativity and conformal geometry Dai Song
National Youth Fund Project Research on sticky skew diffusion processes and their applications Song Shiyu
General projects of national fund Research on the spectra and cyclicity of (weighted) composition operators Zhou Zehua
General projects of national fund Optimal reinsurance and investment problem for insurers with defaultable    securities and credit derivatives Zhao Hui
National Youth Fund Project Spatial dynamics of some periodic reaction-diffusion equations Zhang Yuxiang
General projects of national fund Study of Some Problems of Linear Dynamic Systems with Unbounded Control    and Observation Operators Xu Genqi
Major research projects of national fund Deep learning methods on random fields for modeling, classification and    emergency decision making of human space-time behavior Song Zhanjie
General projects of national fund   Theory and Algorithms of    Optimization Problems on Orthogonally Decomposable Tensors Hu Fei
General project Functional inequalities for non-symmetric Markov processes and    applications Wang Gengsheng 
special fund project Stochastic partial differential equations Wang Gengsheng 
Outstanding Youth Science Foundation Project Combinatorial Method in the Theory of Partitions Ji Qing
Youth Project Non-overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for Variational Image    Segmentation Models Duan Yuping
General project Topics in nonlinear variational problems Wang Yong
General project Study on the long time behavior for some nonlinear dispersive equations Wu Yifei
General project The congruences and unimodality of combinatorial sequences Hou Qinghu
General project On the convergence and stability of stochastic (functional) differential    equations in a random environment Rong Ximin
State funded cooperative projects Distance spectral radius and cycles in graphs Miao Xinhe
Youth Project Automorphisms of K3 surfaces and Salem numbers Zeng Honggang
Youth Project Nonlinear unmixing and robust algorithms for hyperspectral imagery Zhu Fei
Youth Project Structure and Statistics of Rational Core Partitions Huang Haoyang
Youth Project Operator splitting methods and some computational issues Tian Wenyi
Youth Project On the distribution of primes in short intervals and related additive    problems Wei Bin
Youth Project The study of some non-Kahler complex manifolds Yang Song
Youth Project Finite-time Cost Distribution Evaluation for the Condition-Based    Maintenance Policy and its Application Deng Yingjun
National Youth Fund Project Quantitative unique continuation properties of Baouendi-Grushin type    degenerate parabolic equation in 2D region with their applications in control    problems Zeng Honggang
National Youth Fund Project Spectral properties of Sturm-Liouville operators with measure-valued Yan Jun
National Youth Fund Project Second Order Optimality Conditions and Smoothing Function Methods for    Bilevel Programming Problems Xie Weisong
National Youth Fund Project Nuclearity related Properties of Operator system and their Appication Li Huaiqian
special fund project Construction of Platform of Tianjin Center for Applied Mathematics Chen Yongchuan
Youth Project Spectral Turan-Type Problems in Extremal Graph Theory Miao Xinhe
Youth Project Global Behaviour of Solutions to Nonlinear Wave Equations Shen Ruipeng
Youth Project Some problems in non-Kahler geometric flow Dai Song
Youth Project Multiscale Stochastic Eulerian Lagrangian Method Wang Yaohong
Youth Project Eigenvalues of random directed graphs and partitions of random graphs Miao Xinhe
Youth Project Cramer type large deviation expansions for martingales and their    applications Fan Xiequan
Youth Project Variational methods with the effect of parameters and strongly indefinite    character Xie Weisong
Youth Project Theories and Algorithms on Singular Points in Polynomial Systems Solving Li Kangwei
Youth Project Researches on the Landis-Oleinik Conjecture of Parabolic Equations Wu Jie

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