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Science and Art in Yan Jiaan’s Mind

2018-11-29 00:00

         On September 27th, 2018, Yan Jiaan, academician of the Chinese Academic of Sciences gave a lecture about the science and art in his mind to the teachers and students of School of Mathematics on Peiyang Park Campus. The lecture was presided over by Sun Xiaotao, Dean of School of Mathematics.


    Around the topic of “Science and Art in My Mind”, Professor Yan put forward his viewpoint of “The Basic Principles are Simple, The Grand Beauty is Natural”as well as illustrated the education of art can improve people’s accomplishment. And then he elaborated on the characteristics of The Basic Principles are Simple, The Grand Beauty is Natural for listeners.


     Professor Yan said that mathematics is the concentrated expression of The Basic Principles are Simple, The Grand Beauty is Natural. He cited many examples to illustrate his opinion, such as the shape and composition of Euler formula “eπi+1=0”that demonstrated the beauty of mathematical truth. Therefore, he suggested that the translation of Proofs from The Book be The Prove of Mathematical Nature on the basis of more than 40 famous mathematical proof in this book.


     He then described the commonness and blending of science and art, and he said that science and art are the two pillars of human civilization. He believed that both science and art pursue the universality and the immutability. Starting from the requirements of harmony and conciseness in theory, some outstanding scientists can make some assumptions by virtue of aesthetic intuition, which are often proved to be truth. Professor Yan believes that this is the embodiment of science’s pursuit of art. Besides, he emphasized that art should be scientific and science should be artistic, and science and art should be intermingled and inseparable.


Professor Yan expounded that the art education can improve people’s perception and appreciation ability of beauty as well as enhance people’s realm of life. The ideal and goal of university education is to develop comprehensive talents who have the ability to think independently and solve practical problems as well as have the sense of social responsibility, correct values and good ethics. He also encouraged students to develop their ability of thinking in images by strengthening their literary and artistic accomplishments.

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