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Academician Zhiming Zheng talks about new engineering construction in Tianjin University

2019-07-05 20:31

On the afternoon of July 2, the Academic Affairs Office of Tianjin University, together with the school of mathematics, held the activity of "Qiushi famous teachers lecture" also known as "Beiyang mathematics lecture". Zhiming Zheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to give a special report entitled "From beyond to see the construction of new engineering (Applied Science) - cognition, difficulties and suggestions" in the seventh conference room of the conference building of Weijin Road Campus to interpret the construction of new engineering (Applied Science) in the new era Design and development. Nearly 100 teachers and students participated in the activity.


Since 2017, the Ministry of education has actively promoted the construction of new engineering, formed "Fudan consensus", "Tianda action" and "Beijing Guide" successively, played the main melody of talent training, and opened up a new path of engineering education reform. Zhiming Zheng believes that Tianjin University is one of the important practitioners of new engineering construction. Since Fudan University put forward "Fudan consensus", Tianjin University has taken the lead in implementing "Tianda action", which makes the concept and action of new engineering construction truly carry forward in Tianjin University. He explained the construction of new engineering (Applied Science) from three parts: cognition, difficulties and suggestions.


First of all, Zhiming Zheng led everyone to understand from two aspects of catching up with the world's advanced and China's industrial development, and looked at the construction of new engineering from the perspective of surpassing. He believes that the present higher education is the best period in modern China. At present, the number of undergraduate students in Colleges and universities each year exceeds the total number of nearly 70 years from the Republic of China to the early stage of reform and opening up, which is unprecedented. The talents trained since liberation, especially after the cultural revolution, have supported China's 90 trillion economy and played a huge role in national construction. In the field of global industry and science and technology, the achievements of talent training help our country realize the transformation from catching up to success, and make our country initially realize long-term security and stability and well-off society. Zhiming Zheng summed up the course of China's industrial development. He believes that China's industry has shown strong vitality and competitiveness. The comprehensiveness of China's industry has made China compete with other developed countries in an all-round way. China's industry is not only an all-round player, but also many key industries rank among the top three in the world. Under the competition of the whole industry chain and developed countries, China's industry is still growing at a high speed. But at the same time, he stressed that even though we have made so much progress and achievements, we should still be aware of the shortcomings of our own development, that is, core technologies and standards in major industries, strategic industries and key fields are still controlled and led by western countries. We must work hard, especially mathematics workers, to fight for the right to speak in the world.


Zhiming Zheng pointed out that high quality talents are the key force to support national development. At the critical stage of national economic development, the Ministry of education is at the right time to discuss the construction of new engineering and applied science. The training of talents in new engineering and applied science should focus on advanced technology and cutting-edge technology. How to improve the innovation ability of engineering talents, especially the original innovation ability, is the core problem to be solved in the construction of engineering specialty and discipline. Today's higher education in China should realize that China's development has already entered the stage of surpassing. One of the core problems of new engineering education is to continuously provide qualified interdisciplinary talents for China's construction of the world's leading or world's advanced industrial system. Therefore, the new engineering construction should be carried out closely around the great strategy of China from a big country to a powerful country, and around the change of talent demand in the major strategy of national science and technology development.

Next, Zhiming Zheng analyzed the difficulties and problems in the construction of new engineering. From the perspective of transcendence, the current new engineering education and personnel training is the most difficult period and the best opportunity period. The urgent need for talents in China's development, the independent development of high-quality new engineering talents, the contradiction between traditional engineering majors and new engineering majors, and the innovation of university teachers and talents are all the problems that need to be solved in the surpassing new engineering construction.

"The wise change with time, and the wise control with things." Zhiming Zheng borrowed the speech of president Xi Jinping, and put forward his suggestions on new engineering facing difficulties and challenges and maintaining sustained development. He believes that when the world economy is in trouble, we must find a way out in innovation. Only when we dare to innovate and change can we break through the bottleneck of world economic growth and development. We should apply reform and innovation to the development of new engineering. He pointed out the new engineering section shall address several key technical fields in major national special projects, walk out of the road with Chinese characteristics, organize new applied science majors and disciplines with the core common technology system of strategic industries, and highlight the era characteristics of new economy and new technology. At the same time, it is emphasized that the development of mathematics should select some key areas to surpass, and reset the training objectives, programs, models and evaluation methods of students. Then, taking the national major special projects and the national "13th five year plan" key task layout of scientific and technological innovation as an example, he specially pointed out that the construction, reform and innovation of mathematics major should make contributions in three aspects: building the first mover advantage, improving the original innovation ability and cultivating innovative talents. Zhiming Zheng believes that the first-class technological and scientific innovation education should generally meet the following conditions: open exchange of ideas; the free flow of world-class teachers and researchers; and the full cooperation of universities and research institutes around the world.

The report has brought a "timely rain" to all staff of Tianjin University, who is striving to build new engineering and applied science. It is our clearer goal, clearer path and firmer pace in the process of building new engineering and applied science. The final report came to a successful conclusion with warm applause.


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