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Academician Ye Xiangdong's Interpretation of Nilpotent Structure in Dynamic System

2020-11-17 22:55

On November 13, Ye Xiangdong, with the title of academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, winner of the National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars, distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education, and professor of the University of Science and Technology of China, delivered a wonderful academic lecture in conference room 108 of the sixth teaching building of Weijin Road Campus.

The lecture was presided over by Sun Xiaotao, dean of the School of Mathematics. At the beginning of the lecture, Sun Xiaotao warmly introduced academician Ye Xiangdong to the teachers and students present. Later, Professor Ye Xiangdong, in a warm welcome applause, started a short but wonderful academic journey with the teachers and students.

First of all, Professor Ye introduced the origin of ergodic Ramsey theory. Then he explained why ergodic theory and topological dynamics are two closely related fields and how they can be applied to solve problems in combinatorial number theory via nilpotent structure with specific examples. In the following, he introduced nilpotent structure in dynamic system, and summarized the development process of the theorem. Academician Ye further expounded to the teachers and students the multiple topological recurrence theorem and multiple ergodic recurrence theorem derived from Brikhoff recurrence theorem and Poincaré recurrence theorem. At the end of the report, academician Ye introduced some applications of the theorem newly obtained by him and Glasner-Huang-Shao-Weiss in combinatorial number theory. This theorem answers a long open question called“odd recurrence problem”and could drive to some other questions, such as Waerden’s theorem and its generalization.

He said that the solution of complex problems needs repeated calculation and research, and it often takes many years to achieve results or breakthroughs. From academician Ye's experience in scientific research, we deeply feel that scientific research requires scholars to endure loneliness and hard work and keep the original intention.

In the interactive session, teachers and students actively asked questions and exchanged ideas. Several professors of the college discussed many frontier issues in professional fields with Professor Ye. Professor Ye also shared his experience of studying in the Soviet Union in his youth, from which we deeply felt that nothing could be achieved without effort, suffering or hardship.

The whole lecture was rich and wonderful in content winning the applause of the teachers and students. This academic journey came to a successful conclusion in the interaction with the teachers and students present at the lecture.

Due to the need of epidemic prevention and control, the college provided the teachers and students with free masks customized by the college. All the teachers and students responded positively and wore masks throughout the lecture. The small mask kept out dust and bacteria, but not everyone's enthusiasm for academic work.

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