Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Major Successfully Approved the National First-class Undergraduate Major

2020-03-05 20:28

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China officially announced the list of national and provincial first-class undergraduate major construction sites in 2019. All 19 majors of Tianjin University for application have been approved, and the major of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics has been selected into the national first-class undergraduate major construction list.

   The major construction of School of Mathematics is based on the foundations of mathematics and focuses on cross integration with data science. The training system of students in a large category has been established preliminarily, which lays a foundation for the cultivating of top mathematical talents in compound mathematics.

   Focusing on data science, the School of Mathematics has gathered well-known scholars in discrete mathematics, algebraic geometry, probability statistics, control optimization and other fields to form a high-level teaching team. A number of papers have been published in well-known journals such as J.Eur.Math.Soc and Nature Phy., and the National Science Fund has continued to grow. Face recognition, image stitching and other technologies developed by the scholars are applied to products. As a base of scientific research and practice for students, the Center for Applied Mathematics provided a strong support for the cultivation of outstanding mathematical talents.

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