Tianjin first class undergraduate construction course-Advanced Mathematics

2020-10-06 10:27

Course name

Advanced mathematics 2A


Han Jian, Guo Fei, Zhang Yuqin, Cao Xueguang, Liu Xiaohong, Ren Weiyun, Liu Yanqing, Sun Xiuping, Han Yueli, Liu Danhong, Wang Hong, Jin Yinglong, Shang Yingfeng, Gou kuixiang, Zhou Fang, Zhang Xinzhen, Gu weizhe, Yang Yan, Zhong Shuhui, Yan Jun, Zhao Mingfeng, Dong Weisong

Course Overview

Higher mathematics is an important basic course for science and engineering students(Non Mathematics Major). The requirements of this course for students are to learn the basic principles and methods of single variable calculus and related knowledge of calculus, fully understand the mathematical thinking of calculus, and lay the necessary mathematical foundation for students to learn the follow-up mathematics courses and other professional courses. This course cultivates students' basic mathematical skills, mode of thinking and ability of scientific calculation, especially the application of calculus to solve application problems, which plays a very important role in cultivating and improving students' innovation ability and comprehensive quality.

Course Content

The main contents of this course include: function limit and continuity, differential calculus of one variable function and its application, integral calculus of one variable function and its application, ordinary differential equations, vector algebra and plane and space linear equations.

Teaching Aims

1. Through the study of this course, students can master the basic concepts, basic theories, basic operation skills and common mathematical methods of unary calculus, and understand the basic equations of spatial plane and spatial straight line.

2. Gradually cultivate students' abstract thinking ability and logical reasoning ability, and pay special attention to cultivate students' skilled operation ability, and use calculus to analyze and solve problems.

3. Cultivate students' self-learning ability, improve students' mathematical literacy, mathematical thinking ability and applied mathematics ability through various teaching links.

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