National excellent online open course -- Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics

2020-06-13 22:21


Guan Jing, Wang Fengyu, Yang Lingling, Zhao Hui

Course Overview

Tianjin University has a long history, "Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" course has excellent teaching tradition, outstanding teachers, is one of the key public basic courses. The MOOC teaching team of this course is led by Wang Fengyu, a national science fund winner for Distinguished Young Scholars and a distinguished professor of Yangtze River scholars. Guan Jing, the first prize winner of Tianjin young teachers' teaching basic skills competition, is in charge of the MOOC teaching team. Yang Lingling, a member of the MOOC teaching team, has won the second prize of the seventh Tianjin young teachers' teaching basic skills competition. Zhao Hui, a teaching assistant, has won the first prize of Tianjin University Young Teachers' teaching basic skills competition The grand prize of the teacher's lecture contest.

"Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics" is an important public basic course for all majors of science, engineering, economics and management. In particular, with the development of science and technology, people's ability to understand the world is getting higher and higher. However, there are still a large number of unknown factors affecting our understanding and transformation of the world. Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics are important tools to quantitatively study the inherent regularity of unknown random phenomena. Statistics is known as one of the most promising disciplines in the 21st century. The infiltration of probability theory into various disciplines has become one of the obvious characteristics of modern scientific development. At present, probability and statistics methods are widely used in finance, insurance, biology, medicine, economy, management and engineering technology. In view of this, mastering certain knowledge of probability and statistics has become a necessary requirement for students of various majors to carry out practical work and further study.

Course Content

It includes random events and probability, random variables and their distribution, multidimensional random variables and their distribution, numerical characteristics of random variables, large number theorem and central limit theorem, basic concepts of mathematical statistics, parameter estimation, hypothesis testing, etc.

Teaching Aims

The teaching goals of this course are: to enable students to master the basic concepts, theories and methods of Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, to guide students from the traditional deterministic thinking mode to the stochastic thinking mode, so as to enable students to initially master the basic ideas and methods of dealing with random phenomena, and to cultivate students' ability to analyze and solve practical problems by using probability methods, as well as strict scientific thinking and practice The ability of innovation lays a necessary foundation for further study and social practice.

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