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2021-02-09 21:37

Hello everyone, I'm Lulu Zuo, a master's degree student majoring in Mathematics in 2018 of School of mathematics, tutor: Mr. Haixiang Zhang, research direction: big data statistical inference.


National scholarship for Postgraduates

Triple A students of Tianjin University

First class scholarship of Tianjin University

Papers published:

1. Zuo, L., Zhang, H., Wang, H. and Liu, L. (2020). Sampling-based estimation for massive survival data with additive hazards model. Statistics in Medicine. In press.

2. Zuo, L., Zhang, H., Wang, H. and Sun, L. (2020). Optimal Subsample Selection for Massive Logistic Regression with Distributed Data. Computational Statistics. In press.

Personal perception:

In learning, work hard and lay a solid foundation.

Entering the graduate stage, there is an obvious feeling that the requirement of independent practice ability is higher. In order to complete the research of a subject, it is very important to have a solid professional foundation. During the first year of graduate school, I conscientiously completed the compulsory elective courses set up by the school, and achieved excellent results. At the same time, also self-taught "multivariate statistical analysis", "nonparametric statistics", "regression analysis" and other statistical related books, enrich their theoretical knowledge. In addition, read several frontier papers in the direction of big data statistics. In the early stage, they mainly focus on review articles, so that they can roughly understand the research progress in this direction, and lay a solid foundation for future research.

In scientific research, we should face difficulties and dare to innovate

The real beginning of scientific research is also in the first year of graduate school. As soon as I entered school, I established my own research direction, big data statistical inference. At the beginning, I just read and talk about papers. It's very slow to read. It's estimated that it will take two weeks or even a month to read an article. But when I read more later, it will be better. When talking about a paper, you can stop at any time to discuss with the teacher if you have problems or problems. Mr. Zhang is very knowledgeable and patient. Basically, we can solve the problems through discussion. In this process, I also develop a good habit of active communication. When I encounter problems in the progress of the project, I will take the initiative to communicate with the teacher in time and boldly put forward my own ideas. Mr. Zhang is very good. Every time I have new ideas, the teacher will always encourage me, which also makes me full of confidence in myself. Although sometimes encounter difficulties will be frustrated, such as: the theoretical proof is not good, the simulation results are not ideal, the actual data is difficult to obtain. But when I think of the teacher's saying that "scientific research is looking for light in the dark", I will adjust my state and move on. Through discussion with teachers, going to the library to read books, consult literature, think again and again, simulate again and again, finally ushered in that bright, really speechless beauty! To sum up, my personal experience is that scientific research should face difficulties, dare to innovate, take the initiative to communicate and be down-to-earth.

In practice, we should actively exercise and serve the society

Graduate students do have more pressure on scientific research, but we need to learn to adjust ourselves. After all, the body is the capital of revolution. After studying, I like to play badminton with my classmates. Playing badminton will bring me the feeling of sweating, a kind of release pleasure, but also exercise and enhance the feelings of my classmates. In addition, I also actively participate in social practice activities to enrich myself, such as summer social practice in Nankai District. A series of basic work, from database collation, verification and proofreading to information input, makes me feel the responsibilities and responsibilities of a Communist Party member and the happiness of serving the people.

The journey is long, only struggle. As young people in the new era, we should closely connect our dreams with the destiny of the motherland and the people, not afraid of risks and challenges, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, continue to struggle, forge ahead and create a better tomorrow!

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