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2021-02-09 21:28

On September 11, 2020, President Xi stressed at the scientists' forum that "We should build a number of bases in the disciplines of mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on to attract the best students to participate in basic research." When we were born, we chose mathematics and Tianjin University. Therefore, in the context of the new era, we must work hard and take on important tasks. Let me talk about my personal feelings from three points.


National scholarship for graduate students of Tianjin University

Triple A students of Tianjin University

Papers published:

1.Fan Xiequan, Ma Xiaohui: On the Wasserstein distance for a martingale central limit theorem, accepted to Statist. Probab. Lett., (2020.07)

2.Wu Songqi, Ma Xiaohui, Sang Hailin, Fan Xiquan: A Berry-Esseen bound of order 1/sqrt{n} for martingales,C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris.,(6)358(2020),201-212.

3. Fan Xiequan, Hu Haijuan, Ma Xiaohui:Some limit theorems for the elephant random walk,submitted to J. Math. Anal. Appl.(2020.09)

Personal perception:

Study hard and be down to earth

To study, we should have a serious attitude and the spirit of breaking the casserole to the end. The first year of graduate students is the time to lay the foundation. It is very important for the later scientific research to learn the required courses well. In the study of these courses, I adhere to the strategy of brief preview before class, listening in class and reviewing after class in time. If I have questions that I don't understand, I can consult my teachers and classmates in time. If I really don't understand, I can only read them several times after class. In a word, we should think more and think more. If we can learn deeply, it's the best.

Persist in scientific research and seek truth from facts

When dealing with scientific research, we should have a sense of awe and do realistic research. I'm not very smart myself. I can't understand my paper at the beginning. There are many question marks at the end of a page. Later, when I read the paper, I would first understand the structure of the paper roughly, then read it roughly, and then empty it if I don't understand. I would first clarify the author's ideas, and then go to intensive reading later. Read more, naturally will produce ideas, think of the paper can continue to do. Here, I would like to thank my tutor. From the beginning of the topic selection, after reading, writing, correcting, to the final publication, every step is inseparable from the tutor's careful guidance. In the process of writing papers, teachers can always give directions and suggestions when they can't deduce. In the process of correcting papers, from grammar use, formula writing to punctuation, teachers have been patiently pointing out mistakes and rigorous scientific research. In studying a new topic, I usually find out the relevant papers first, read the summary articles first, understand what has been done in this field, find out the articles that need to be read carefully and start by reasoning, then find out the points that you want to do, do the previous research whether others have already had similar results. In a word, scientific research is to insist on reading and thinking. Maybe there will be a spark of inspiration at some time.

Love life, optimistic and positive

Love life actively. I actively participate in school and college activities, such as library volunteers, Tianjin University Career Guidance Center Information Department Assistant. In my daily life, I will relax myself by listening to music and watching movies, and keep fit by running and playing badminton.

After continuous efforts and study, in Third-year graduate student, I became a probationary member of the Communist Party of China. I still remember the third volume of Xi Jinping's talk about governing the country. He wrote this sentence: "there is a theme of the times in an era, and a generation has the mission of a generation." I think that doing basic research well is the mission given to mathematicians in the new era. As a great mathematician, we should live up to our youth and let it bloom in the struggle.

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