Student--Wu Wenzhi

2021-02-08 10:35

Personal profile:

Junior student in the school of mathematics

Members of "Qiushi phase II"

Total grade of the five semesters: 93.17

Ranking first in major

All core courses scored 90+

100 points for multiple courses

Ranking first in comprehensive evaluation


Preliminary competition of the 11th National College Mathematics Competition (group A of Mathematics)

First prize (Tianjin first prize)

Special prize of the 4th mathematics competition of the League of excellence (Mathematics)

(No.1 of nine schools in excellence alliance)

Undergraduate National Scholarship

Takeda scholarship

Tianjin Municipal Excellent Students

Honorary title of three good students in Tianjin University

Outstanding individual in individual award learning

The fourth Peiyang cup mathematics competition Special prize

Personal story:

Professional learning

I choose mathematics major because I prefer theoretical subjects, and my ability of practical experiment is relatively weak. I think I am more suitable for theoretical subjects. I have been perplexed in the process of learning, for example, I feel at a loss when learning difficult courses such as advanced algebra and complex function and preparing for competitions. But later, every second counts. I studied Qiu Weisheng's advanced algebra carefully and experienced the real problems of competitions over the years. I went back to school in advance during the holidays to study complex functions every day. I spent more time to understand the methods of these subjects and master the knowledge points. Finally, I got through.

It's best to be suitable for yourself. The key to mathematics learning is to find some reference books that are suitable for you. You can ask for help from previous seniors and see which book is more suitable for you to understand. If some courses are not easy to understand, you can read the corresponding engineering mathematics courses first, and then go back to the mathematics courses.

The following books are for your reference:

Mathematical analysis:

Typical examples and methods in mathematical analysis by Pei Liwen

"Lecture notes of mathematical analysis exercises" by Xie Huimin

Higher Algebra: Qiu Weisheng

Function of complex variable: Shi Jihuai

Review is very important, but we should not only review the knowledge we have learned frequently, but also look at some in-depth knowledge related to what we have learned when we have spare time to deepen our understanding. For students majoring in mathematics, it is not enough to just do questions. We should learn more about the methods of mathematics and try to draw inferences from one instance.

For students who love mathematics or participate in mathematics competitions, it is also very important to master the knowledge in class. When learning mathematical analysis, it is suggested that we should first lay a good foundation for Pei Liwen's "typical examples and methods in mathematical analysis" and non mathematical competition books, and then seriously do the real problems over the years. The methods of each competition have something in common, and we can explore the rules by doing more real problems. It is suggested that we look at Qiu Weisheng's "Higher Algebra" and the real topics over the years. Analytic geometry only needs to look at the real problems over the years.

Daily life

In my spare time, I took part in a two semester academic tutoring group, explaining two courses of mathematical analysis a and mathematical analysis B respectively, and conducting academic tutoring work for students of mathematics college every week. At ordinary times, I also seriously answer all kinds of questions of students participating in academic counseling, hoping to help others with my own strength.

I also joined the students' team of daily questions in the school of mathematics to actively provide students with high-quality questions, hoping that students can integrate mathematics into life. During the winter vacation, I actively paid a return visit to my alma mater, Zhangjiakou No.1 middle school, to preach and answer questions for my younger brother and younger sister, so that they could be admitted to Tianjin University.

There is no limit to learning, there is a road to learning

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